December Daily – 1

And here we are. The most magical time of year. I got back from Sydney yesterday so my goal was to make sure I wouldn’t have any trouble jumpstarting my December Daily. This cover page below just showed up in the mail today so I haven’t added extra bits to it yet but I still love having it right there in the beginning. 

I also love starting with our family photo because it’s my favorite thing we do all year. “And so it begins” has been my starting phrase for years.

I really enjoyed writing my reason why this year. this is my favorite project all year and i love love love how much it helps me appreciate the holiday season.

The next page is a 4×6 photo I took in the Sydney office. 12/1 was my last day there so it says “bye Sydney.”


The back is a photo I took in the cafe and a tag from my awesome hotel.

Then is the real page that was in the album. I wrote some journaling about my trip and added four more of my favorite photos from there.

And that’s it for the beginning. Love love love December.

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