December Daily – 24 and 25

Here we are. Day 24 is me waking up to the sweetest note from my son and then the boys opening Christmas Eve presents.

The next day has Christmas morning breakfast and the post opening presents shot of our floor. 

Then it’s my card and the big tag card.

The back of that card contains all my journaling and the next page is our Christmas table which I always love photographing.

And the last page is always flowers and my word of the year for 2018.

love this project. <3

December Daily – 23

Day 23 is about Wonder. Not as wonderful as the book, of course, but pretty darn close.


December Daily – 22

Day 22 is about an average day in our life this week, we work hard, play lots and rest lots 🙂

December Daily – 21

Day 21 is a story about our wrapping papers and our tree with gifts under it.

love this project!

December Daily – 20

Day 20 starts with this awesome photo of Nathaniel that i adore!!

And another one of him on the back.

And then it’s David’s card.

and the back

and then I moved the pocket page forward and wrote about our family photos and how we don’t send a holiday card.

love these photos

and finally actual page 20 is about how we went to see Star Wars.

love these photos

December Daily – 19

Day 19 is about the google holiday party. One of my favorite things about our parties is that there a ton of photo booths.

I added a little Journaling on the back of one of the photos.

And then lots of little embellishments behind each photobooth photo.

Love all of these. 

December Daily – 18

Today’s story is about brunch that my YA book club hosted.

I love this book club because it’s all writers. They all write YA Fiction or other fiction and I get to be there an hear all their stories.

so so lucky!

December Daily – 17

Day 17 is about the Tech Challenge and David and his friends working.

This is one of my favorites because I’ve had this story in the book for four years now and I love being able to see how it changes.

Little bits of embellishments. Not much.

December Daily – 16

Day 15 is another simple story: Nathaniel having a playdate here.

playdates are so hard for me and I am so proud of how well I’ve been doing with Nathaniel this year!

December Daily – 15

The next page is the back of the 9 12 pocket page and for this one, I decided to focus on books.

Here are some of my favorite reads from 2017. To be honest, there were 20 more but I wasn’t going to be able to fit them all. 

December Daily – 14

The next page was Nathaniel’s tag. I love this photo of him!

I love that he says he is into programming.

And finally for day 15, I put photos of all our new ornaments for this year. I love this new batch a lot!

December Daily – 13

Day 13 is telling the story of Nathaniel and Dad going to archery class. I love love love these photos.

this year’s proving to be pretty simple but i love all the stories i get to capture 🙂