Nourish Me – 50


  • I read: Only books this week, too. Maybe after next week I can browse a bit.
  • I learned: Calculus and Python classes for the kids took up all my empty moments this week.
  • I watched:  This one movie about whether to write or type 🙂 I also watched Lady Bird which was wonderful.


  • Exercise: I exercised every day this week despite crazy jet lag and major sciatica pain.
    • Monday: Body Pump
    • Tuesday: Body Pump Express
    • Wednesday: Tabata (for 18 mins only as I had to rush to a meeting.)
    • Thursday: Yoga and Body Pump Express with Jake
    • Friday: Body Pump Express
  • Food: Food was so so. Still no soda. Too much coffee which I have to quit. Ok on the meals but poor job on chocolate.
  • Body Care: I’ve done nothing here still. Will use the holiday season to get back on track. 


  • I rested: Sleep was not good this week because I was super super busy at work and had two evenings of meetings and two evenings of social commitments. So I really need more sleep.
  • I connected: I got to see a lot of work friends this week, too due to a summit we had. I had a date night with Jake. And got to see my friend Leslie. I also went to Nathaniel’s class. Not a bad week.
  • I journaled: I journaled thanks to the advent of light course but I am behind. still, i did some journaling!
  • I made art: December Daily baby!
  • Flowers: still filling my life and home with these and still loving it. 

I think this might be the week I quit coffee again.

Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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