Books I Read This Week 2018 – 44

This was a big reading week, mostly because I was home sick a bunch of the days and took the opportunity to read for an upcoming work event I am planning.

I started the week with Zero Sum Game which was interesting but not mind blowing and you had to suspend a lot of disbelief.

I then moved to Atomic Habits which was tangible, practical and useful.

The Emissary however was completely weird and I have no idea what I think of it.

I moved to Fight or Flight and I knew nothing about it. It was a romance with some steamy-ish scenes and it was predictable but also enjoyable to listen to. 

Meltdown was one of the two books I read for the summit I plan to host in December. I loved it.

I moved to listen and read poems by Alice Walker in  Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart . Some of them were absolutely amazing.

I then read This Will Only Hurt a Little which I will be honest was a waste of my time. It was fun at parts but just not really worth my time in the end. Still I feel ok that I read it, I needed something light at that time.

I ended the week with  Unsafe Thinking which was also for the December summit. Another good read and as it turned out my 250th book for 2018. 

I read a lot of non-fiction this week. But overall I’d call it a good week.

Books I Read this Week 2018 is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

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