Weekly Reflection 2019 – 50

Magic I Saw this Week: There’s been much magic everywhere but I’ve been tired, hurried, and unfocused most of this week. I am grateful for the holidays that will be here soon.

Magic I Made this Week: The best part of this week has been all the climbing I did. I climbed Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Magic of Me that I explored Week: spent some time on my OLW this week.

Top Goals Review:  

  • Work: did not clean out jan calendar. started to have conversations. stayed on top of email.
  • Personal: did daily drawing, exercised, journaled, made time to sleep mostly. did not come up with a whitney plan. did not restart meal plan. started 2020 plan.
  • Family:  did family photos, hugged kids. had date night with jake. did not hike. climbed a lot.

I celebrate: I did a 10b this week. I am proud of myself!

I am grateful for: people looking out for me.

This week, I exercised: I went rock climbing four times this week, pretty hard, did some of my PT and that was it.

Self-care this week: taking this weekend off was my self care again.

I showed up for: myself this week

I said yes to: going climbing

I said no to: doing work off hours

Core Desired Feelings Check-in:

  • Embrace:  trying to embrace downtime
  • Alive: climbing is helping me feel alive
  • Lighter: feeling lighter now
  • Kinder: working hard to be kind all around
  • Surrender: surrendering daily

What I tolerated this week: a lot of tiredness & a really tough day

My mood this week was: numb.

I am proud of: all the climbing

I forgive myself for: not doing all my PT

Here’s what I learned this week: small, steady steps help.

What I love right now: i love all the climbing i am doing and how inspired i feel.

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2019. You can read more about my projects for 2019 here.

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