Daily Year of Yes – 255

Year of Yes – 255

Hello 47.

Today is my birthday. I am so grateful for another year around the sun. Each year I get is bonus and filled with so much joy and so many stories.

I had a very hard time thinking about any presents or special things to do today. The fact is, I have all I need and I am so content and grateful for my life right now. I have a few really good friends, a beautiful family I adore, a home I love, a job that is filled with interesting, kind and smart people.

I have hobbies I enjoy like reading, journaling, and many different kinds of art. I am active and spend time both on the bike and climbing in the gym. I spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and appreciating it.

Sure, there are things I would like to learn and do and be. There are times I feel worried and sad and anxious. There are days I feel tried and bored and frustrated with parts of my life.

But, on the whole, as someone who had big dreams for her life, I see that so much of what I wished for is here in my life and I don’t want to take that for granted. Not for a moment.

As I’ve been practicing saying daily lately, “thank you for everything; I have no complaints whatsoever.”

Thank you.

Yes to the privilege of getting older.

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