Life List

Another one of the assignments we did in Karen’s Pathfinder class was to put together a Life List. I’d seen this on Karen’s blog before and on Mighty Girl’s too and for some reason I was never tempted to create one.

Not even during the class.

But remember how I said I am a good student and I do my homework.

So I did it.

I came up with a list of 75 items so far and they are not in any order:

  1. Ride a hot air balloon
  2. Photograph all public parks and beaches in California
  3. Photograph top ten beaches in the world
  4. Visit the Galapagos
  5. Visit Antarctica
  6. Have one of my books for sale on Amazon
  7. Learn Hebrew
  8. Learn Russian
  9. Rent a house in Italy for a month
  10. Have an art show in a gallery
  11. Have my art in a book
  12. Visit New Zealand
  13. Get a Ph.D.
  14. Learn to make stop motion movies
  15. Learn to grow tulips
  16. Make bread from scratch
  17. Write 1,000 thank-you letters
  18. Throw a big birthday party for Jake
  19. Take a surprise trip
  20. Learn to sail
  21. Complete a marathon
  22. Attend the Oscar Ceremonies
  23. Go back to Seychelles with Jake
  24. Drink 500 blends of tea
  25. Visit all 50 states
  26. Photograph the Northern Lights
  27. See the fjords in Norway
  28. Learn to change a tire by myself
  29. Learn about all the planets + stars
  30. Visit the Sagrada Familia
  31. Visit Easter Island
  32. Renovate an old house
  33. Hire a professional clothing (stylist?)
  34. Get a small tattoo
  35. Rent a house over a lake for a month
  36. Experience zero gravity
  37. Go on a Safari in Africa
  38. Attend Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (
  39. Learn to ride a bike
  40. Be conversational in 9 languages
  41. Taste 1,000 fruits
  42. Attend the lantern festival in Thailand
  43. Give a talk to more than 500 people
  44. Take a memorable trip with just David and me
  45. Take a memorable trip with just Nathaniel and me
  46. Visit all the National Parks in the US
  47. Photograph 250 species of butterflies
  48. Read 5 greatest novels of British, French, Russian, Italian literature
  49. Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Italy
  50. Read all of Shakespeare’s works
  51. Read 2,000 books to my kids
  52. Rent an RV
  53. Go to burning man
  54. Jump out of a plane
  55. Eat a super-fancy meal with Jake
  56. Donate one paycheck to a nonprofit
  57. Sell a piece of art I created
  58. Take 5 physics classes
  59. Cut my hair super-short
  60. Pull an all-nighter with Jake
  61. Work on a farm for a day
  62. Plant and grow a small fruit tree
  63. Learn to read music
  64. Learn to start a fire without matches
  65. Quilt a blanket for me
  66. Take the Eurorail across Europe
  67. Own a bookstore
  68. Start a nonprofit
  69. write a book
  70. learn to paint my nails and toes properly
  71. stay at the ten best hotels in the US
  72. Volunteer to hold babies at the hospital
  73. Read Modern Library’s top 100 books
  74. Read the Modern Library’s readers top 100 books
  75. Read Radcliffe’s top 100 books
  76. Drive comfortably on the freeway

I even made a list of my list items that are listsΒ so I could check them off as I went along.

I don’t look at this as a bucket list or even a list that must get done at any moment. Just a list of fun things that bring me joy. So the idea of having them in one list makes me happy. The items might change over time. I will likely add more. I might remove some. And I might alter some. I borrowed some items from all the different lists I browsed in case any of them look familiar to you.

But for now, I consider this assignment done and I am actually glad I did it.

Do you have a list too?

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