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Today I Know - Week 4

I pinned this doodled dress such a long time ago and I guess its time had finally come. I will say that this page took a long long time both to draw and to color. I did the coloring with watercolor pencils and then added a little water soluble markers.

The prompt says: today I know that I would never be where I am without…
And i wrote about how lucky I am for my parents’ support and generosity. and how it’s thanks to them that i am where i am. i am so very grateful. thank you mom and dad.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This - Week 4

This page says: What is it like for this person?

Yet another gem from Tara Brach.

There’s some journaling here too and it says:
Because we are conditioned to pull away from suffering, awakening a compassionate heart requires a sincere intention and a willingness to practice. It can be simple. As you move through your day and encounter different people, slow down enough to ask yourself a question. “What is life like for this person? What does this person most need?”

How is that for a reminder? I love this thought and I love how it’s serving me and others.

I am not a huge fan of how this page turned out; it’s messier than I’d like but I still love the sentiment and it’s something I need to remember. I want to remember.

In the end, that’s what matters most.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know - Week 3

This week’s page is inspired by Joanne Sharpe’s Color Love class I took a few years ago. The flowers are drawn with a Micron and then I colored them using watercolor markers. Then I went to town on the journaling.

The prompt says: Today I know that I have sacrificed a lot for
And I wrote about how it felt to choose to work from home when Nathaniel came along and I decided not to go back to the office. A lot of learning.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This - Week 3

This is another page I originally made for My Mind’s Eye. It says: the most important thing is to remember the most important thing.

Another quote from Tara Brach and one that I want to remember.

I actually wrote a longer blog post about this one a while back. When I was talking to my coach, I had this idea of a pie chart showing what I care most about if everything I care about could fit inside a circle, how big would each slice be?

So this is my visual. It’s a bit less like what I originally imagined but I still like it.

The sections I have are:

  • creating
  • health
  • read
  • friends
  • work
  • service
  • family

I think this one might be worth doing again at some point. I feel like the categories might be slightly different even now. OR maybe not.

Either way, for now, I still love this. It helps me keep things in perspective. It helps me remember to prioritize what matters most.

Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Today I Know - Week 2

This week’s page was to practice face drawing and a little doodle edging. I started out with this:

and then added the prompt: today i know that I am stuck in the rut of …doing what i already know.
I wrote about how I want to try new things, stretch myself.

Today I Know is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

Remember This - Week 2

It says: It did not happen to you or because of you. it just happened. remember it is real but not true.

This page was originally done for My Mind’s Eye. It uses mostly scrapbooking papers and paint.

This page came about as I was listening to a podcast with Tara Brach. She was talking about one time when she was working on her book, against a deadline, and the computer crashed before she was able to save the writing. She then talked about how we take it personally and think that something is happening to us. How we blow it all out of proportion and how we construct a big story around what happened and what it means.

I do this a lot.

I make it mean something about who I am. What I am worth. Or more like, not worth.

Since whole is one of my core desires this year, it’s really important to me to remember this one.

It just happened.

a few more shots:



Remember This is a project for 2014. You can read more about it here.

2014 - Today I Know Intro and Week 1

talked about how I had different types of goals for my projects this year. Here’s what I had in mind for this one:

Skill to learn/expand: doodling, using different mediums, journaling, collage
Topic to explore: what i know to be true, lessons from the week.
Format: Squared notebook spread 11×8.5
Paper: Moleskine Journal Squared. This is just ordinary notebook paper.
Media: Mostly dry mediums but some gelatos, watercolor brushes, crayons, etc.

This idea also came completely from the Soul Comfort class. When Melody talked about the idea and showed some of her pages, I was immediately hooked. Coupled with the fact that I knew I wanted to focus on doodling this year, I decided this was a winner for 2014.

My goal for this project is to couple lots of journaling with doodling, sketching, and collage. And whatever else I am in the mood for. This is the first page I ever did and it’s a bit different than the ones that come next. As I did more pages, the idea expanded a bit and then settled down.

As with the others, I am not married to a particular way and this might shift and morph but for now, I love what it is.

Like the Listen with Intent project, I created a pinterest board for the ideas I want to try out. I am hoping to have a wide variety and to use this book to explore, have fun, and journal my heart out.

The pages in this book are thin so even though I hadn’t intended to, I ended up glueing every other page just to get them to be a bit stronger, but I also plan to stick to dryer mediums which will be a fun and interesting challenge.

The prompts are all from Melody and this first page says: Today I know that I would like to get better at….
and I wrote about not being so hard on myself when I am learning something new.

And the feather art was inspired by Jane Monk Studio and I used copics to color the feather.

Here’s to a year of meaningful and fun pages to record what I know.

2014 - Remember This Intro and Week 1


talked about how I had different types of goals for my projects this year. Here’s what I had in mind for this one:

Skill to learn/expand: Painting, using different mediums, portraits
Topic to explore: Things I want to Remember. Things that are meaningful/inspring to me.
Format: Portrait 9×11
PaperDylusions Creative Journal has a mix of white bristol like paper and manila paper.
Media: Mostly acrylics but collage, spray inks, oils, pastels and anything else I want to try this year.

I bought this journal last year because I heard how wonderful it is and I wanted to try it out. I usually have an intended purpose when I buy a new journal but I didn’t have anything with this one. It sat at my desk for quite some time.

Until one day I was particularly frustrated with myself and opened to the first page and created the piece you see above. I was annoyed with myself, With the way I see myself in the world lately. I was fed up and ready to be done. And I wanted to remember that feeling.

So I painted and I wrote.

It says: it is time to be brave. i choose to fly free. i am ready to break out of the cages i have created for myself. i am done being a victim. watch me soar.

I then decided this would be my book for remembering messages that are meaningful to me. Things that I lose sight of. Things that I want to make a point to remember.

When I was sitting down to think about my projects for 2014, I knew this book was going to be a part of it. I decided to couple it with something else I’d decided to take on for 2014: Life Book. I took a free class from Tam a few years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I was on the fence about taking this class in both 2012 and 2013 so this year I decided to just take the plunge. Knowing myself, I was aware that the best way to commit to a year-long class was to make it a part of one of my projects. So I decided this journal would be my Life Book for 2014. I plan to do the exercises/promopts/etc. in this journal. I might do exactly what the lesson is or I might just use the art technique and do my own topic, or I might just pick the topic and do my own technique. I am open to the possibilities and since I have never taken the class, I am not sure how it will turn out yet, but I am flexible.

I am also taking The Walk with Brave Girls in January, so I am pretty sure I will incorporate those lessons into this book, too. At least that’s my current plan.

I will also likely use it for my My Mind’s Eye Mixed Media pages.

This will be my book of experimenting, having fun, trying new mediums, and keeping in touch with Art Journaling this year.

For the first few weeks I will be sharing mixed media pages I’ve made for My Mind’s Eye last year in this book. They are all reminders that I need again and again.

Here’s to a year or Remembering.

Brene Brown Gifts of Imperfection Class with Oprah

I’ve long been a fan of Brene Brown. If there’s a class she teaches, there’s no chance I am not taking it. And this class with Oprah was no exception.

I will admit that during the class, I didn’t do any of the assignments. I did watch to all the videos and attended the live chats and thought about doing the work, but I never did. So, one of the plans I had before the year closed was to sit and do all the assignments and I am glad to say that I did all the ones I intend to do.

Not surprisingly, they were profound.

The first assignment was about setting permissions and then taking a photo of ourselves and writing the names of people to whom we trust our stories. I didn’t do the permission slips because I honestly didn’t have anything that stuck out to me. I reserve the right to do them later if I so choose. And here’s my page with the photo and list (which is on the tab inside the envelope.) On my hand it says “I am imperfect and I am enough.”

David took that photo of me. Isn’t that awesome?

I did the second and third assignments in one spread.

The left side is a photo of me that captures a sense of who I am. I love this photo because I look like I am fully stepped into being who I am. I am wearing boas and hats. I am having fun and i am looking right at the camera. I love that. The right side is a photo of me when I’d like to say some compassionate things to myself. I picked this photo because even though I am pretty young and looking at the camera, I know that I was already feeling vulnerable then. It’s all about how things will work out and how I will find belonging.

I painted the pages with golden paint and then journaled. I tried to then cover with some candle so they wouldn’t stick but I rubbed too soon and some of the ink hadn’t dried, hence the smear on the right side. But I’m okay with that, it’s a class on imperfection after all. :)

And then the next assignment was about making collages on what makes me numb, how I numb and what I could be doing instead (what brings me joy.) I thought a lot about this one and how to do it, and I finally decided to just make a collage on what brings me joy:

What makes me numb is loneliness, worry, feeling like I’ve disappointed myself, being overtired, frustration, jealousy, sorrow, anger. Unkind people. People lying, cheating, putting others down. Injustice. And how I numb is random surfing (pinterest often), TV, staying up late for no reason, and a lot of chocolate. But then there’s the joy list. Things that work when I do them. My comfort wisdom list:

  • journaling
  • sleep
  • doing art
  • stitiching
  • talking to my parents, my kids talking to my parents
  • family time
  • eating healthy but enough to feel satiated
  • the ocean (or lake or other bodies of water.)
  • getting organized
  • reading
  • taking a walk
  • going to the woods
  • listening to Tara Brach or Brene Brown
  • coffee and tea

These are what comfort my soul.

The next week’s assignment was to take photos of everyday ordinary things from our life and make a collage. I decided to just go over all my photos from 2013 and put some of the ones that make me smile on there. I picked many from home so as to keep them ordinary. Love my family so much.

Just looking at that makes me happy.

And then the final week’s assignment was to go back to page one and create a mantra. I thought a lot about mine and finally settled at the one that I’ve stuck with for a long time.

other ones I thought of were:

  • give up that there’s something wrong.
  • be you.
  • choose joy.

but in the end, yes you can is my motto. No one gets to tell me what i can and cannot do. And I can do anything I set my mind to. Anything.

And there we are. If you’re on the fence about this class, I will, of course recommend it. I think Brene’s message is profound and I can never listen to it enough.

I will be taking the next part in March and maybe this time I can do the assignments alongside her.

SixBySix - Week 8

Before this week’s art here’s the important reminder: Please remember, this is personal and hand-made and thus imperfect. If you want perfect art, do not buy mine. Also one more reminder that these are pretty small. 5.5inches by 5.5inches. That’s about 14×14 centimeters). You will just get the original piece of watercolor paper with my art and signature in the back. No mounting, no frame. I don’t want to misrepresent anything. I will put a paypal button under each (you can pay with credit card or paypal.) the button doesn’t update so you will have to click through to see if it’s sold out. I will try to update them as quickly as I can and remove the button if it’s gone, but just in case. Each piece will be $35. That’s US dollars. If you have questions please leave a comment and I will reply as fast as I can.

With that here’s this week’s art:

it reads: make a point to nurture your soul.

sold, thank you.

SixBySix is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

Gratitude PostCards – Week 8

Here’s this week’s card:

It says: the greatest gift you can give is your company.

This card uses the Birds of a Feather template The Crafter’s Workshop (as well as a few others.) and Tombow markers.

Gratitude PostCards is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and the postcards I use here.

Weekly Art Journaling - Looking Back

Even though I didn’t journal as much as I did in 2011, I still created quite a few art journaling pages this year. Here are some of my favorites:



The ones I love the most have happy colors and/or sentiments that really speak to me. I am always extra delighted by the ones I drew just because it’s a skill I am working on.


I’ve enjoyed looking at others’ art and trying to recreate it, too. Just to show myself I can do it. I just need to try. Sometimes it’s hard but it’s always fun.

I plan to continue the Art Journaling journey in 2013. It’s one of my most cherished ways to spend time. I have to make a good list of ideas but I am not ready to leave it behind yet. I am so grateful I stuck with Art Journaling enough to find my own voice and my own way of truly enjoying the process.

Here’s to a 2013 full of art!