Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for July 11

This weeklong page was originally inspired by this awesome giraffe. I loved how colorful and happy it is.

here it is the right way:

Since it was so colorful, I decided to journal in color too, just wanted to see how it would turn out.

here’s the left page:

And the right side:

And here’s the filled page:

I love how happy and colorful it is!

Weekly Art Journal is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here. And you can find out more about the weeklong daily journaling here.

6 comments to Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for July 11

  • Diane

    I just love seeing your art journal pages Karen. They are so fun! And I would love to start doing something similar. I’ve been wondering, is the journaling new and fresh, or is it something you’ve journaled before and added to to the page (like from your daily diary)? My brain is so segmented, I’m not sure I could journal and do art together. YKWIM?

    • karenika

      thanks so much diane! 🙂 I do the art in advance, on a blank page like the first picture. I generally do one-three pages a weekend. Then when the week comes, I add the numbers (dates) other stamping and journaling each day so the spread fills out over the week. Does that make sense?

  • dawn

    WOW this is so fun and different then your other pages!! I love this and this is my favorite animal in the zoo. How pretty to have all the colors on it. What a great job and detailed picture this is Karen. Your art work makes me soooo happy. Have a good week.

  • Love love love this one… great work.

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