Art Journaling – Strathmore – Pacific Beach

Ok, now that my Moleskine is finished, I wanted to change things up a bit so I decided to use a Strathmore Visual Journal in 9×14. Instead of using the pages in the book, though, I ripped them and used them individually so I could stitch and do other things that the spirals wouldn’t let me.

I’d originally told myself I can take my time and do a page a week but I’ve been making a lot of them and I don’t want to post just one page a week because I will then be posting these pages I did in August all the way into November. Instead I decided to make four posts a week which will keep things a bit more current. I apologize in advance if this gets annoying.

For the first page, I wanted to make a watercolor drawing of this photo I took in Pacific Beach, California

I am not so great with watercolors but I went slowly and did my best. I didn’t do the person cause I really just wanted it to be a scene. (and I wasn’t sure i could do it!)

Here’s what I ended up with:

After I colored, I did add a bunch of stitching around the border and in the waves and then I journaled all around the edges as well.

There we go. Something different.

10 comments to Art Journaling – Strathmore – Pacific Beach

  • Ginny

    Beautiful! It is inspiring to see your progress, Karen!

  • Deb

    I think you did a really good job of this, wow. thanks for sharing with us

  • dawn

    This is so pretty Karen, love the colors. My husband was peeking over my shoulder and saw it too and said to tell you he really liked it and that he likes water pictures. You really did a nice job and I’m glad you stuck with it. I have to admit though that seeing only just one art journal page isn’t enough for me, I’ve missed them so much. Can’t wait to see the others and believe it won’t be a bother at all. Now that you are taking them out of the book it’s going to be fun seeing what you do each time. Thanks for sharing.

  • I LOVE this. I tried to do something similar with acrylics and didn’t like the finished product at all. I think I will now try it with watercolor. Looking forward to more of your art journaling!

  • sharon

    Karenika ,
    Love your watercolor I just started watercolor myself and love it! I Have done washs on wood before and pen and ink on paper….so this is comfortable also for me. I like your style. Is Karenika a Polish or Germany name or it reminds me of Drl Zhivago movie…..I would like some of your downloads but they where not working in feedburner….the journal cards for week in the life template and graduation journal cards is a few of them…I did sign up for your email you do great work!

    • karenika

      My name is Karen actually. Karenika is just a diminutive my family uses. We also do Yonuka (for my sister Yona) Mamika, papiko, etc. Did you try the downloads from here directly? Just click on the categories drop down and choose digital downloads, you should see them all and can download. please let me know if it doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gez

    Wow! Your artwork and blog is AMAZING. Not quite sure how I got here but I’m glad I did. Beautiful artwork.xx

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