2012 Projects – Weekly Art Journal

Last year, I decided I wanted to art journal more. I’d been watching Donna’s Inspiration Wednesday videos and loving them. I had said, “I want to make this more of a regular practice in my life. I think it will go a long way in helping me expand my art.”

Here are few things I wanted to use art journaling for:
– explore new techniques
– try different mediums
– practice drawing
– play around with different color combinations

Well, as it worked out, I did A LOT of art journaling in 2011. I started with weeklong art journal pages inspired by Julie. I started that project on February 1 and created weeklong pages until October 31. Here are the three sets of images with the pages I created for that journal:

There is a lot of variety in the pages:

And a few vertical ones:

A few weeks after I started that journal, I grabbed a Moleskine sketchbook I had on hand and started to do more pages. Here are the two sets from that journal:

This was all about playing with different mediums and colors.

Then I bought a Strathmore Visual Journal and played with that. This journal was special to me because it’s when I started to find my own unique voice and started adding stitching.

Then I grabbed the Fabriano Roma papers that had been under my desk for almost three years and finally put them to use.

I love these pages because of their size and texture.

Knowing I preferred loose pages and not having to bind, I bought a Komtrak journal which allowed you to take the papers off and put them back on.

With this set I also tried to draw more, be more creative.

I also had some Fabriano Artistico papers that had been in my stash from last year so I also put those into good use.

I like the different size I cut these papers into. More playing with color and texture and stencils with this set.

And then I tried the last paper I had at home which was Canvas Paper. Not a huge fan of this texture but that’s ok. It was still worth a try.

I then decided to go back to the Roma paper which I loved (despite it’s terrible cost! ouch!) and decided to add my journal pages to my daily notebooks so for now the size is a bit restricted by the Moleskine but I am loving the regular art journal practice.

I’ve also started attempting to use handlettering on my pages since it’s something I want to work on and eventually plan to incorporate the sketching and drawing practice into the journals as well.

As you can see, this project was quite successful in 2011 and I have no doubt that I want to continue it for 2012. I now have six or seven art journal-specific boards in my pinterest and will continue to pin ideas I like.

I might also start doing different, bigger pieces again. But for now, I will just try to stick to whatever I feel like doing without stressing myself too much about branching out. I am sure things will evolve and change in 2012 as I keep creating pages and trying new mediums and incorporating lettering.

My goal is to make at least four pages a week. Three cheers for art journaling in 2012!

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