Weekly Reflection – 45

  • Three Choices I made this week:
    • One: I chose to cross off every single work todo list item I had. I stayed up late on Thursday morning and just got my whole list done. It was driving me crazy so now I am ready to build a new todo list.
    • Two: I chose to run several mornings this week but I’ve also come to the conclusion that I hate running and I just need to come up with a different exercise I can do first thing in the morning. Something I can do at home, and something short but rigorous.
    • Three: I chose to exercise my right to vote. I consider it a major privilege.
  • I read/learned: I finished Tuesday Nights in 1980, The Mothers, The Wonder, How to be a Person in the World, and I am almost done with The Versions of Us.  I am also reading The Sun is Also a Star which is wonderful so far.  I’ve have a new lecture available in the Stanford Election 2016 class that I plan to watch today, it’s a class from before the election so it will be interesting to watch it with that perspective.
  • I celebrate:  getting so much done this week.
  • I am grateful for:  the election being over. I feel a plethora of emotions and haven’t processed all of them yet but I am still grateful to be off the rollercoaster. Even if I so wish the ride hadn’t ended where it did.
  • I focused on my health by: 
    • I did run this week and walked a bit but not consistently. I need help in this area.
  • I made art:  I did not but I’ve started making plans for 2017 and I am hoping that counts. Oh and I changed the banner on my site in prep for 2017.
  • I let go of: my hopes around the results of the election. this is what it means to live in a democracy.
  • Core Desire Check-in:
    • Kind: I’ve been kind to everyone this week. It was a rough week.
    • Strong: Thankfully I don’t feel broken anymore but I do still feel too tired all the time, I know it’s food related and need to work on it.
    • True: I’ve been working on my 2017 plan and it’s been interesting thinking about what my true self wants to feel more of.
    • Generous: I was generous with work this week. I gave a lot extra to get work done.
    • Brave: I was brave to show up at David’s school this week, I didn’t want to be there, I was worried but it all worked out, of course!

Here’s to another good week! 🙂

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2016. You can read more about my projects for 2016 here.

1 comment to Weekly Reflection – 45

  • CarrieH

    I so love this. You’re honesty is so appreciated and inspiring. It is not always easy to work on ourselves as person in the middle of being a wife/mother/friend/working person, and I love that you share the hard parts as well as the successes. We are all a work in progress. Thank you for sharing.

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