February 2017 – Quick Sketches – 1

As February approached I was even less motivated than January. I had no ideas. I got more and more panicky. But then I just gave up. I decided to do whatever easy thing I could. So I ended up with these quick little sketches. No rhyme or reason but still. I won’t end up with 20 but even 10 is better than zero. Several of these are inspired by Danielle Donaldson.



Quick Sketches is a Monthly Project for February 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

3 comments to February 2017 – Quick Sketches – 1

  • Hello I am Jackie and have been following you since Nov of last year. I really love the time you take to do all that you do on your blog. I am amazed with a job, kids, and your blog that you accomplish all that you do. I have been inspired by your creativity. I look forward to seeing so much more in 2017.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for this post. After January, I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew with projects. So I went back to my original 2017 plans and looked at what I could change. Most I kept, but I decided to do my art journaling when I was inspired, rather than doing it just to say I did it. I’ve adopted your core desired feelings that you said you learned from Danielle Laporte (I probably got her name wrong)when I heard you on an old Paperclipping podcast. My core desired feelings are Energy, Delight, Margins and Accomplished, and my OLW with Ali is Cultivate. I love your little sketches and they inspire me to ‘cultivate’ tweaking rather than give up. Thanks, Sharon

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