Nourish Me – 12

I am learning that nourishment is a journey for me. And it’s not even a matter of all right or all wrong. But making every single choice along the way deliberately. Even the small ones like having shiny toenails to remember my word.  


  • I read: I am behind in this week’s blog reading mostly because I was out of town and had a full schedule once I got back and then spent the weekend doing taxes and at the kids’ school etc. I did read a bunch of books but not much else this week.
  • I learned: I learned a lot of stuff at the STEM fair but I didn’t do any of my other projects. Didn’t sign up for a class either. Still intend to. I also intend to catch up to Stephanie’s class which I haven’t given proper attention to. I am reading nonstop so that’s taking time away from other things. 
  • I watched: I finally watched all the outstanding episodes of This is Us on my Tivo. I cried of course. In every single episode! There are movies I want to watch but at the moment that time is not a luxury. 


  • Exercise: I exercised twice this week. I am working on getting it to be more. I am in quite a bit of knee pain so I am going to see what the doctor says.
  • Food: Mixed bag this week. Ate some really heathy stuff and some really unhealthy stuff. Working on it with each meal and trying to make sure I am mindful consistently.
  • Skin: still moisturizing and taking care of my skin. grateful for this practice.
  • Floss: still flossing. love love love my floss.
  • And More: made a doctor’s appointment finally for my knees and just a general checkup. 


  • I rested: sleep has been a mixed bag too. I’ve been staying up a bit later which isn’t great. but the 3am wakeup is gone, thankfully. I am feeling extremely tired, however, and that’s another reason I made an appointment with the doctor so I can make sure nothing is wrong.
  • I connected: with several friends this past week as well as workmates in Seattle. 
  • I journaled: none this week. I know. I know.
  • I made art: I didn’t do more art since last week but I got ready for the prep work I need to do for it, does that count?

I am realizing that one of the things I am going to need to focus more heavily on is my knees as they are in so much pain in this moment and I am also going to need to do some quality resting this week if at all possible. If not, I will take some time off next week so I can stay in bed and rest. I feel quite exhausted.


Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017?here.

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