Nourish Me – 47


  • I read: a bunch of fiction and non fiction this week. I am at like book #260 for this year. This has definitely been a year of reading for me. I will need to reflect on the impact and value of this.
  • I learned: I am still continuing to do work with the kids though this week I didn’t have enough time. I also learned about Structured Word Inquiry and Real Script for the kids. I’ve also done a bunch of Math with Nathaniel this week and I did Science as well which is definitely hard for me.
  • I watched:  No TV this week. We watched a half of Baby Driver but that was it.


  • Exercise: I exercised six times this week. My first full week in three weeks so it felt good.
    • Monday: Body Pump
    • Tuesday: Body Pump
    • Wednesday: Pilates
    • Thursday: Yoga
    • Friday: Body Pump and Pilates
  • Food: What I wrote about food applies this week too. I am not eating fast food or doing anything extreme, and when I am at work, I still eat the salads but I also eat more chocolate than I have and drink a lot of coffee and soda. I’ve been eating crackers or something small, simple, and unhealthy at home. I want to fix this but am not feeling motivated in the right way for some reason. 
  • Body Care: I’ve done a tiny amount here. 


  • I rested: I am still sleeping poorly. 
  • I connected: I had a lot of friend time this week: my friend Leslie and then Tamara and then went to my YA book club. It was wonderful. I also had a wonderful time with Jake.
  • I journaled: I journaled a lot for 2018 so I feel a bit better here.
  • I made art: no art at all this week but I feel compelled to make plans for 2018.
  • Flowers: still filling my life and home with these. 

At this point i just want to make a contained plan for the last 5 weeks of this year.

Nourish Me Week 2017 is a year-long project for 2017. You can read more about my projects for 2017 here.

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