Weekly Reflection 2018 – 42

How I got Stronger this week: I am still in a funk. I know it’s been months, weeks, I don’t even know. I feel like much of 2018 has been a struggle amidst lots of good things. Here’s what I did this week: I stood for what I believed. I took a chance and a risk. I was vulnerable. I told my truth. I stood up for others. I exercised twice. I ate poorly. I showed up and I took what I needed when I needed. I am trying to give myself grace. Some days it’s harder than others but I keep trying and I guess that’s how I get stronger. 

Top Goals Review:  

  • Work: made progress on december summit, done with wednesday’s speech, barely worked on year end goals.
  • Personal: did not get back to routine, and did not really do any of these: journal, draw, eat well, exercise and sleep
  • Family: made a little bit of a plan for each kid but didn’t implement it. cooked only once.

I celebrate: hmm let’s go with i celebrate good books this week.

I am grateful for:  being able to tell my truth, not everyone is open to receiving that and i am very lucky. 

Karen’s Points: this week was also unusual and i ended up with two body pump classes. 

A Change I embraced: trying to embrace my blonder hair. Some days i really like it, others i miss my dark hair a lot.

I let go of: feeling better. i’ve been letting myself feel out of sorts.

Core Desired Feelings Check-in:

  • Fresh: i’ve been working from home a bit lately and i love it. i missed it.
  • Magical: doing math with nathaniel is my happy place.
  • Lighter: a few big things are off my plate so that makes me feel better.
  • True: i need to make a plan for myself. i am feeling out of sorts and not sure how to re-anchor myself. i need to readjust.

Where I chose Joy: i spent more time with Nathaniel this week.

I showed up for:  david at school this week.

A Mistake I made this week: i have been giving feedback, listening and being honest. i am happy about doing that but maybe i need to also be a bit more careful + thoughtful.

What I tolerated this week: still down, frustrated, sad, worn out, and just overall not my best self.

My mood this week was: off. 

I forgive myself for: eating poorly, not wanting to make an effort.

What I love right now: a little bit of quiet.

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

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