Daily Year of Yes – 194

Year of Yes – 194


I have been looking for an evening routine for a few years now. My mornings are relatively consistent most days and I have somewhat of a routine now. I do short meditation and read digest of news before I get out of bed. Then I do my exercise for 45 minutes and shower and then do the 10 minutes of restorative yoga which is like another meditation.

Then I go downstairs and make my veggie juice and tea. I sit at my desk and light my candle and meetings can begin.

I like this routine and if it’s good day I can even squeeze in some journaling.

If I need to start earlier (like I have to tomorrow) I just wake up a lot earlier but I still pretty much go through the routine. Same on the weekends.

But I just can’t settle into anything at night. Last night, I tried having some decaf tea and put on the diffuser with vanilla to see if it would help. Not sure if it will stick but it was a start.

Yes to experimenting.

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