Daily Year of Yes – 196

Year of Yes – 196

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about control and non- attachment lately. And about how things look vs how they feel.

Thinking about where and what I care about deeply and where and what I can let go more and not feel the need to control the outcome or even be attached to an outcome.

What are the things that really matter the most to me?

I recently made a change at work where I got rid of all ( except a very small number) of my recurring meetings. I can have up to 70 meetings on an average week and likely at least half of them are recurring. It was easier for me to do a major radical change and drop all of them vs picking one by one. I made a principled call on which few I needed to keep and why and then got rid of all of the rest to create more space in my week to get work done and to have free space to have in-week conversations as needed. So this way there is no need for a recurring meeting because I would be available very frequently every week as discussion topics arise.

We’ll see if this works but it was a result of this type of thinking around where can I let go and what do I really need to do to create non-attachment. It’s also a way for me to be able to practice inside out living and not outside in living. I’m not worried about how busy my calendar looks and I’m worried about how I actually spend my time and whether I’m using my resources in the most effective way.

Let’s see how it works.

Yes to radical new ideas.

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