Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for April 25

This weeklong page was not inspired by anyone. Just something I sat and did. I liked the last sepia page so I drew the angel is sepia and just left it so. I hadn’t planned on coloring her but I never know what direction these pages take until I start playing during the week.

Here it is empty:

This is the week I was so obsessed with angels. She started it:

Little by little, this page completely morphed.

here’s the left page:

And the right side:

And here’s the filled page:

I just loved how organically this one changed. Little bit at a time. Color here and there. And while there are bits I don’t adore, I love the page.

Weekly Art Journal is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here. And you can find out more about the weeklong daily journaling here.

4 comments to Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for April 25

  • Hi Karen. I’m curious as to what size your art journal is. I’m wondering if your book is bigger than it seems, or if your writing is tiny. Also, what size do you normally print your photos – both for your journal and for scrapping? If you are willing to share I’d love to know your process.

    Apologies if you have answered these things already, I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months.

    • karenika

      Hi lisa, i use the watercolor A4 moleskine for this project. So it’s pretty big. My writing is also small but not tiny 🙂 My photos for the book here are printed by the pogo machine polaroid on the go. it’s 2×3 i think but I am not 100% sure. For my scrappy pages, I print a variety but almost always less than 4×6. so 3×5 4.5×3 2×3 and sometimes even 1.5×2.25. i like using small photos 🙂

  • I think this turned out lovely. Your angel is stunning and I love all the little details you add around your pages that accent the writing. Beautiful!

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