Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for May 16

This weeklong page was inspired by an etsy artist I love. Here’s her actual piece.

Mine didn’t turn out as well. Here it is empty:

I kept this page mostly two-tone and since there was book text in the background, it was obscured. But that was ok with me.

here’s the left page:

And the right side:

And here’s the filled page:

This one wasn’t my favorite but I still enjoyed it. Can’t win them all, right?

Weekly Art Journal is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here. And you can find out more about the weeklong daily journaling here.

3 comments to Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for May 16

  • sophie

    I, for one, like your page and your tree. I definitely would not say yours didn’t turn out as well. It is different because it is your take on drawing a tree on a page of text. While I find those trees in the etsy shop beautiful, yours is equally beautiful. And thank you for making me discover this lovely artist.


  • dawn

    I agree with sophie above. Your trees are beautiful and fun and carefree. Every week this is the highlight of my day when you post your weekly art journal. Every week you amaze me and make me happy when seeing these. Thank you also for showing us this lady artist, she has great ideas too.

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