Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for May 30

This weeklong page was inspired several different pieces of art. I just wanted to create the feeling of hanging hearts. But I used matte medium to adhere the hearts and it smeared all around which of course made them a resist and resisted the watercolors hence the white around the hearts.

then i used oil crayons to add some more blue. I was still unhappy but happier.

I just added more and more color and blotches as I put in my content each day so it would make the blotches around the hearts look more intentional.

here’s the left page:

And the right side:

And here’s the filled page:

I hate it a lot less now 🙂

Weekly Art Journal is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here. And you can find out more about the weeklong daily journaling here.

14 comments to Weekly Art Journal – Weeklong for May 30

  • Damiane Lucas

    I love your art journal spread! Those hearts are so charming! I wish you would teach an online class. This way, we could see your process as you make a spread. Thanks so much. Your work is beautiful and inspiring.

  • Katharina

    AND I *L O V E* IT! (;
    i wish i could create things like this / mine always look clean (;
    Ok, i love my style – i am a graphic designer, so i know where it comes from – but sometimes I’d like to create something like your Art Journal page! (;

    • karenika

      i must tell you, iwish i were a graphic designer!! 🙂 my layouts tend to be relatively clean i think but not so with my art journal 🙂

  • stephanie b.

    This is soooo beautiful…I wish my mistakes looked this good. I have to tell you, I just found your blog last week by accident and have found it very inspiring…you are so talented! How do you find the time to work, be a mom and wife, be on design teams and complete so many journals…plus have time to read a book??? I look forward to seeing what else you create. Thank you for sharing!

  • It’s beautiful. Most of the artists I know and studied with in art school feel the same way about their work. I’m included. I’ve thumbed through old sketchbooks and loved the work I’d hated previously. It’s funny how creative people are alike that way. 🙂 Great teachers have taught students to walk away, put it away, do something else, then have another look on a later day. I understand why. 🙂

    Happy creating!

  • andrea

    Karen, I LOVE this page, have really been enjoying following your art journal pages!

  • dawn

    Karen I love the way it turned out. Even with just the hearts in the first photo was so pretty. Great idea to make them hanging, will have to remember this idea. I’m glad you were happy with the end result. Great comments for you by everyone today, love reading what others say about your pages. You really could teach an art class, maybe next year!!1

  • Ellen

    I can’t rave enough about your art! Every time you post another spread, I am inspired and energized to get out my journal and try something new. Thank you for sharing this project with us!

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