Weekly Reflection 2017 – 16

Three ways I shone this week: I will say that while I started the week strong, I basically didn’t really shine the rest of this week. The kids had no school on Monday so we went out, we spent quality time together and I still had some quiet time. But on Tuesday I went to work and the not-good news I was already expecting greeted me and sort of put a damper on my week, even though I’d been anticipating it. Here’s to remembering that mourning in advance doesn’t help not being sad when the news is indeed what I feared it would be. Anyhow. I basically took the time I needed for myself (and am still doing so) to feel what I need to feel here. I did all the regular things I am committed to but I also let myself mourn. Maybe that’s the way I chose to shine this week, by being in my truth.

Things I wanted to get Done: I didn’t get too much done this week to be honest.

  • I did finish buying Nathaniel’s birthday presents though they still need wrapping and his birthday is tomorrow.
  • I also bought all the bits for the gift bags for his party.
  • I finished my shine cards.
  • I didn’t figure out a plan for our Sydney vacation but I emailed a friend who can help me.
  • I didn’t book a stitch of summer camps. I know this is a bad thing. I got a gift certificate for Nathaniel for one and I have ideas for both kids but I booked nothing. 
  • I delivered both of the books.
  • I did not send the newsletters.
  • I just sent an email to check on school payments

I celebrate: a wonderful breakfast that lasted 3+ hours with a new friend

I am grateful for: a short hike we took on Saturday. Loved being in nature, loved seeing the kids run around.

I nourished myself by: mostly resting this week. letting myself feel what i feel.

Reflecting on my worries: bad news did indeed continue but i survived it and despite feeling down, i feel very supported and i am not ready to give up just yet. i didn’t journal (except to write the shine cards) and i got some done but not a lot. but it’s all ok. i remembered the books. it was mostly a blah week with some wonderful moments and i’ve learned that life is always some ups and some downs. may the downs not be really bad news even if it means the ups have to be moderate, too.

I let go of: being fake. i decided to just own who i am. always. more on this tomorrow.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: trying was bold. i am grateful i did.
  • mindful: allowing myself to feel the pain and sadness and being mindful of it.
  • nourish: i’ve ordered a lot more fresh veggies this week, i am hoping it will lead to more nourishment.
  • love: despite being sad, i know that i have an exceptional life. i am grateful for every minute of it. and i felt so much love from so many people this week. thank you.

What made me laugh this week: my new friend and i did a lot of laughing.
What I tolerated this week: sadness, vagueness, and not knowing what comes next.

My mood this week was: quietly sad.
I forgive myself for: feeling sad despite all the wonderful things in my life.
What I love right now: flowers on my desk.

Here’s to a wonderful week seventeen!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 15

Three ways I shone this week: Well this week was all about shining. I did what’s hardest for me: I showed up, I kept showing up, and I stayed present. I am grateful for the gifts of this week. 

Things I wanted to get Done: there was nothing on my todo list this week. I just wanted to be present. And I was. I spent very little time worrying about anything and spent almost all of my time being here,  now. I am very grateful for that.

I celebrate: time off. fulfilling a life dream. the joy my boys had this week.

I am grateful for: time to listen and be true and celebrate others.

I nourished myself by: so much incredible soul food and also incredible food food this week.

Reflecting on my worries: I didn’t let my family down. The camp was amazing, of course. Bad news might still continue, I won’t know for a while. Nothing went wrong. Spring break was amazing for the kids. They had the time of their lives. 

I let go of: getting it right.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: showing up was bold. showing up again was even bolder.
  • mindful: i’ve been mindful of the pain and sorrow we each carry
  • nourish: this was a week of nourishing.
  • love: i love that my wonderful husband made the space to do this for me.

What made me laugh this week: all the wonderful ladies at the camp.
What I tolerated this week: not much honestly. except for not sleeping well.

My mood this week was: tired but grateful.
I forgive myself for: being me. making it harder than it has to be.
What I love right now: being home. 

Here’s to a wonderful week sixteen!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 14

Three ways I shone this week: There were some challenging moments this week. Moments where it would be easier for me to close and go inward. Moments were I might have chosen poorly. But I tried to remember what it means to shine. I asked myself what I would do if I were choosing to shine. It was helpful to look at life through that mindset. 

  • I showed up for work. Several long days this week both physically and emotionally. 
  • I agreed to help out a new team.
  • I spent several days out in the backyard, choosing to enjoy the sun.

Things I wanted to get Done: 

  • I read all the packets and prepared for committee.
  • I didn’t figure out our summer trip a bit more or find a different hotel, I decided this could wait until we’re back from our Spring Break.
  • I think I finished all my little todos that are taking space on my mind.
  • I’ve been spending time thinking about what it means to shine.
  • I’m packed and sort of ready for our trip tomorrow.
  • Listening more than I talk is always tricky for me. It’s a work in progress.

I celebrate: Spring break baby!

I am grateful for: a little break. i really need some time off and i am heading off to an adventure this week so I am grateful for that.

I nourished myself by: more backyard time. a little more rest than usual.

Reflecting on my worries: I did ok with the packets. my results might indeed be negative but alas. i am still quite exhausted. but i also am so deeply grateful this week.

I let go of: what i have no control over.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: it’s been bold of me not to give up when i desperately want to.
  • mindful: i’ve been mindful of feeling sad. not trying to numb it or bury it but letting myself feel it.
  • nourish: i took some much needed me-time on Friday and took a nice, long bath.
  • love: i love my family with all of my heart and soul.

What made me laugh this week: Nathaniel. he’s my angel.
What I tolerated this week: long, grueling work days. especially tuesday.

My mood this week was: tired, anxious and then sad. but still filled with deep moments of joy and gratitude.
I forgive myself for: things that are outside of my control.
What I love right now: having the sun finally out and enjoying the backyard again.

Here’s to a wonderful week fifteen. Hello Spring Break!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 13

Three ways I shone this week: Ever since I watched Ali’s video for One Little Word for April, I’ve been thinking about what it means to shine. How do I define it? When do I know I’m shining? How do I know I am shining? What do I look like when I shine? How does it feel to shine? I plan to spend a lot of April visiting these prompts. For now, I’ll say that:

  • I was there to support the little boy during this week which was a tough one for him.
  • I spent time socializing with friends on Friday, relatively new friends!
  • I got to have 1-1 time with each kid this weekend!

Things I wanted to get Done: 

  • I did get some sleep, but honestly still not enough. Though this week is looking a bit more optimistic.
  • I did book us a hotel and have an idea for sub-trip.
  • I paid for the schools. I also filed our taxes! woohoo!
  • Finished Q2 sheets!
  • Ordered some of what David needs for his upcoming trip.
  • Didn’t do so well with the smiling. Well didn’t do terribly but let’s say so-so.

I celebrate: being done with our taxes.

I am grateful for: i know i wrote about my husband last week but i am grateful for him all over again this week and it’s because he not only accepts but cherishes me for who i am. he doesn’t question the choices i make the shortcomings i have, etc. he just celebrates who i am. thank you my wonderful husband.

I nourished myself by: more fresh food. a lot of sitting in the backyard.

Reflecting on my worries: taxes are all done. one more paper to send but really done. thursday was totally ok. i made it through. i made it to book club. amazingly my right knee has actually stopped hurting! I am possibly dropping the ball on many things. so far, nothing bad has happened at work. nathaniel got better, then got sick, then seems to be getting better again.

I let go of: apologizing for what I don’t want to do and offering options i don’t actually want.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i said yes to doing something hard at my son’s school next year.
  • mindful: i’ve been mindful of my mood lately. of feeling my feelings.
  • nourish: mixed bag still. eating a lot of salad and some protein but also still eating plenty of not so great things. 
  • love: i love all the bits of my life so much. i am so grateful for the small things like sunshine in my backyard and the big things like my healthy family and lovely job.

What made me laugh this week: More laughing with Tamara and Allie this week.
What I tolerated this week: it was another week of multiple trips to work. 

My mood this week was: rushed mostly but a calm weekend.
I forgive myself for: being who i am. i am often so hard on myself but that doesn’t really help me change.
What I love right now: i am loving audiobooks so much!

Here’s to a wonderful week fourteen. Hello April.

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 12

Three ways I shone this week: Ok I had a bunch of intentions this week, let’s see how well I did.

  • One is to make sure I sleep as much as possible.
    • I did relatively well at this I think. I’ve continued to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Two is to get organized enough to feel like I know all that needs to get done and don’t feel like things are chaotic. 
    • Hmm, medium on this I’d say. I do feel more organized now, mostly because I got a bunch of things done but I don’t think I did the lists I implied in the post above.
  • Three is to follow through with whatever the doctor says to do and to make the few other appointments I will need to make for regular checkups that I know I am behind on.
    • Well I got an Xray and my mammogram. All of which came out clean. Nothing to follow up on except going back if the pain continues.
  • Four is to either book or do all the steps to get ready to book our summer trip.
    • I can’t believe I am saying this but I totally did this one. I got our visas and booked the flights. I still have to follow up with a hotel but I did the very hard (for me) part!
  • Five is to be done with the taxes, at least on our side.
    • This, too, is done. We handed everything over so now we wait to get results.
  • Six is to keep smiling, keep looking for the good, and keep enjoying myself just the way I am.
    • I also made a lot of effort to do this. It was a long and hectic week but I showed up to everything. To work, to social events, to my family, to myself. I did it.

I celebrate: my incredibly lucky life this week.

I am grateful for: my wonderful husband who is always generous in the ways in which he supports me and encourages me and celebrates me. I am beyond lucky.

I nourished myself by: eating more salad and protein this week. and resting a lot of the weekend.

Reflecting on my worries: i so totally booked the summer trip. i finished our taxes. i loved the benefit. i was tired but i didn’t flop. my knees are in fact a bit better and so far i haven’t dropped the ball just yet. i did spend a bunch of time worrying about finishing off stuff today which I wish i’d handled with more grace but I made it through.

I let go of: the story that things aren’t going to work out. i am embracing gratitude instead.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i showed up to a dinner where i knew no one. it was scary scary scary for me.
  • mindful: i was so mindful today as I observed myself losing my calm and composure. it was really uncomfortable feeling it and doing it anyway.
  • nourish: mixed bag still. eating a lot of salad and some protein but also still eating plenty of not so great things. 
  • love: feeling deeply grateful and moving towards contentment. this, for me, is the very best kind of love. 

What made me laugh this week: I laughed a lot with my friend Tamara at the Benefit on Saturday. It was really wonderful.
What I tolerated this week: several trips to work. long long long days.

My mood this week was: on and off a bit early in the week but a strong finish 🙂
I forgive myself for: losing my calm today.
What I love right now: my full life. the bold steps i am taking in my life in so many areas. 

Here’s to a wonderful week thirteen. It’s almost April! 

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 11

Three ways I shone this week: So here we are. This week’s experiment went so-so I’d say. There were parts that worked well, like smiling as much as possible and catching myself when thinking/being negative. I sent messages to people I loved. I said thank you. But I didn’t write things down or dance/sing. I didn’t journal. But that’s ok. It was the first step of many. I intend to continue this experiment for a while longer. I think it’s valuable and I am interested in giving it a try for a bit longer. I did shine more this week in ways that matter to me. I was there for people at work, for my sons, for my husband. I also took time to read, relax and sleep. 

I celebrate: Nathaniel this week. 

I am grateful for: Nathaniel’s good news. For those of you who sent good wishes our way, it worked! thank you so much for your kindness. I am so grateful that my little boy gets to have his wishes come true. here’s to hoping we made the right choice and here’s to hoping this is one of many wonderful journeys for him.

I nourished myself by: resting. i got to sleep in while in Seattle and it was a gift.

Reflecting on my worries: Despite trying not to worry, I spent a lot of Saturday stressed out which was not great. Other than that particular instance, though, I think I did a pretty good job trying to remember what matters most and that worrying doesn’t really help. 

I let go of: I feel like I’ve been living moment to moment a lot lately. Partly because life is so full. I let go of being on top of things this week. I do hope and plan to be more organized next week!

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: I feel like i am getting bolder with work all year. I also did a bold move for my personal nourishment this week so I am proud of myself. And finally I was bold with the kids’ school and with volunteering.
  • mindful: due to the exercise i was doing, i was very mindful of times when I was saying negative things this week. when i was being less than my shining self. it’s interesting for me to see what brings that out in me.
  • nourish: this is a mixed bag. most importantly, i made a doctor’s appointment for my knees finally. they’ve been hurting since Christmas so it’s long overdue.
  • love: i am so full of love and gratitude this week. i’ve tried to make a point of showing it to my kids, husband, parents, sister, nephews and a few friends. i am trying to spread it around 🙂

What made me laugh this week: I laughed a lot in Seattle. A bunch more on Thursday when we got the good news. And a bunch more today when I was at the STEM fair. 
What I tolerated this week: travel. time away from the boys. extra trips to work. knee pain.

My mood this week was: solid for the beginning of the week, hectic thursday, relaxed on friday and frustrated on saturday. in pain today.
I forgive myself for: being a bit crazy on saturday. 
What I love right now: i still love the multi-layered life I have. i love the textures of my life. 

Here’s to a wonderful week twelve. 

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 10

Three ways I shone this week: I want to be honest so here’s what I am going to say: I don’t feel like I am shining lately. I am still doing things that look like shining to others maybe. Like showing up for my kids day in and day out. Being bold at work. Trying to take a bit better care of myself. Reading a lot. Etc. Etc. but the fact is I know how I feel and what I look like and who I am when I shine. I know what shining means to me. I know what I wanted to have my life look like when I chose the word shine. I know what I wanted to show up in the world as, when I am shining. And I am not there. I am not doing it. I am not feeling it. I am not being it.  I don’t want to pick three ways this week. I know I have small ways in which I shone. I know. I know. But choosing this word, for me was not just about remembering that I do shine in many ways each day (though this is an important reminder too and that’s why I do note the 3 ways each week.) it was more about moving towards a life when I am being my shiny self. I am showing up in the world fully. Fully me. My best self. My unapologetic self. My broken self. My human self. All of me. I feel like I haven’t been doing this. Part of it is about setting expectations a certain way of course. When I set the bar really high, I am bound to fall off again and again and disappoint myself in large ways. And keep having to restart (which I know is often the hardest part.) 

But part of it is also knowing who I am, owning who I am, and also owning who I am not (along with who I don’t want to be.) And stopping the practice of measuring myself against the versions of me I don’t want to be. Ceasing to give myself crap about ways in which I fail to be a person I don’t even care to be. I hope this makes sense to some of you. I do this all the time. I give myself a hard time for not being more social, more of a “playdate” mom, more ambitious at work, doing more with my kids, being a runner, being more involved at the kids’ schools. i can go on and on and on. The fact is, none of these things are things I want to be. I love my work and am passionate about doing a good job and of course I want to be recognized for my hard work but I don’t want to be a VP at the cost of what that would take away from other parts of my life. I don’t really want to socialize. I would like to have a handful of good friends I can rely on and I would love the same for my kids and that’s all I need. I hate playdates (It’s just a fact. Mostly due to the logistics they involve.) I do wish I did more with my kids but I am actually quite involved. I hate running. I wish I were more athletically inclined and I know that I could become this way given enough energy but that energy would have to come from somewhere and I am not at a place where I am willing to do what it takes for that to be possible. I am pretty involved at the kids’ schools and, given the option, I think they are reaching an age where it’s better for me to be involved with them and not the school. Though I’d like to stay involved to at least a certain level and I want to be careful about my choices of where and how to be involved. I know deep down that I don’t want to do these things that I judge myself for. I don’t want to be these people I measure myself against. 

And yet. 

I still find myself judging me. I still feel the unease of “not measuring up” each time I am around people who’ve made other choices. For me, part of “shining” is letting all this go. Being deliberate about who I want to be, the values I have, the choices I will make and then living my life honoring those choices. Fully. Unapologetically. Kindly. Wholly.

I don’t want to feel bad anymore. I don’t want to feel guilty. I don’t want to feel less than some random ideal I measure against. And ideal I am not even striving for. All this guilt runs me down and then I am tired and cranky and I make bad choices when I am there. I eat badly, I yell, I contract. This is not my definition of shining. I want to expand.


What do I do now? Well. Step one is owning it. This is where I am. I am beating myself up constantly. I am tired. I am worn out. I drink too much coffee because I am tired a lot. I am in pain, especially in my knees and I use that as an excuse to not exercise (not even for 6 minutes, mind you!)  I eat badly which makes me more tired. I am worn out which makes me yell more. I feel like I have no time so I protect my “free” time like a madman. All I want to do is to read. All the time. So I am owning it. I am not happy with where things are. With who I show up as in the world. I also want to note that of course not everything is terrible. I am still working super hard. I am still showing up for all my responsibilities. I am still being kind to people and I do shining things every day. I am still eating plenty of good food. Not all is lost, of course. I just feel like I don’t want to go through the motions. I don’t want to tell you (me) the ways in which I shone this week when I feel like I am not really owning my word the way I would like to. 

Instead I’d like to start bringing about the change I wished to embrace by picking shine as my word. Even if it takes baby steps. So owning was #1, the reflection part, can’t fix something i don’t acknowledge.

#2 is taking action. More on that on Monday’s post as I think about what I can do to get me there so I can live intentionally. 

I celebrate: having a quiet-ish week this week. it was lovely.
I am grateful for: my manager who has been so encouraging and supportive.
I nourished myself by: getting a mani-pedi tomorrow, the first in over two years. reading. journaling.  
Reflecting on my worries: i worried i wouldn’t do the reflective journaling i wished to do but i did. at least a good amount of it. i did not exercise and that’s not great. i did eat ok, not perfect, but not terrible. emails are just sad and i do need to find a solution but for now it’s ok. i didn’t finish perf but i will tonight. i am still struggling with sleep but i will rest tomorrow to ensure i go into my week of travel a bit more rested. none of the worries i had mattered. things are going to be ok.

I let go of: worrying about work and school. i don’t get to control either decision anymore. i just hope i’ve done my part well and that the universe will answer accordingly.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love): I am going to skip this section, too. I think I need to make sure my action plan involves being specific with these core desires. Making room for them in my life intentionally. Thinking about what actions create these emotions for me and making a point of doing them. 

What made me laugh this week: I laughed a lot at a Carnegie Mellon event I went to on Tuesday night. It was lovely to be with my friend Manu for a while and lovely to get to talk about my wonderful college days.
What I tolerated this week: a lot of work. a lot of perf. and a lot of beating myself up.
My mood this week was: whiny and tired and grumpy. i can’t stand my own whining.
I forgive myself for: being here. having dropped the ball. being human. i can turn things around. i got this.
What I love right now: knowing that it’s not too late. it’s never too late. oh and I love the san francisco public library, too!

Here’s to a wonderful week eleven, here’s to rebooting!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 09

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: Jake and I had a 1-1 breakfast during the week this week.
  • Two: I ran into a friend and sat down to help her unexpectedly.
  • Three: I worked really hard this week and took a bold personal step. 

I celebrate: my bold step above
I am grateful for: not having to do jury duty.
I nourished myself by: having some delicious lettuce, getting my hair done, reading a lot.
Reflecting on my worries: i worried about jury duty which didn’t manifest. i made my perf deadline1. i took D to the doctor, tuesday was tough but went totally ok. i caught up at work but i am struggling with sleep. it turned out to be ok. things i didn’t worry about happened. 

I let go of: iterating more and more. now it’s not in my hands.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  1. I was bold at work. 
  2. I’m mindful that i am feeling a strong need to step back and revisit work and home a bit but I don’t seem to want to make the time to do it. I have been very much in the “postponing” frame of mind lately. Don’t want to do anything but the bare minimum. and then i just want to read. i know this avoidance is not a good thing and I need to think of ways I can encourage myself to sit and assess things and make plans.
  3. Nourishment was better this week. Still not where I’d like to be.
  4. I’ve given love this week but I’ve also noticed that, this too, is something I need to reevaluate. What love means to me and how I show it. And what it means to the ones I love and how can I show it in their own love language.

What made me laugh this week: lots of lovely moments at work.
What I tolerated this week: really long days at the beginning of the week and Jake was out of town so even harder.
My mood this week was: tired.
I forgive myself for: being tired. worn out. how can i help reboot things?
What I love right now: moving forward. doing it anyway.

Here’s to a wonderful week ten! We are already on the tenth week of the fifty-two week year!!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 08

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: I took my family on a lovely vacation.
  • Two: I drove most of the way home so Jake could rest. 
  • Three: I worked super hard on Tuesday so I could take the rest of the week off.

I celebrate: our little vacation to southern cali.
I am grateful for: my work, my family, all that makes my life possible.
I nourished myself by: lots of family time this week but that’s it.
Reflecting on my worries: I worried that things would go wrong, my kids wouldn’t be happy, i would be grumpy or stingy. nothing went wrong. hotels were fine. tickets were fine. kids were happy most of the time. i was grumpy a bit of the time. i wasn’t stingy. my kids were reasonable. all was ok. all is ok.

I let go of: my site was broken this week, i had to let it go until i was back.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  1. I was really bold with my kids this week when i wanted to enjoy the vacation, too.
  2. I’m mindful that i seem to not be able to have a routine anymore. i need to figure how to work with this.
  3. Nourishment isn’t going well. I need to reboot.
  4. Love abound this week.

What made me laugh this week: universal and disney!
What I tolerated this week: a lot of walking, waiting, so little sleep, and so much driving.
My mood this week was: joyous.
I forgive myself for: not getting more done. i seem to have to forgive myself for this each week.
What I love right now: learning to juggle it all. messing up but getting back up.

Here’s to a wonderful week nine!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 07

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: I worked a lot this week. I went to work three times and had a lot lot lot of meetings.
  • Two: I showed up at my book club even though i was wiped and I am so glad I did.
  • Three:?I supported my son by going up to his school three times this week.

I celebrate:?showing up in all the ways this week.
I am grateful for:?the response from work for a favor i’ve been asking a lot of people this week. i am so lucky.
I nourished myself by:?sleeping. resting.
Reflecting on my worries: I worried that work won?t get done, and some did and some didn’t. there’s always more work to do. i will be okay. i will continue to be exhausted and i was and i still am. that, too, will be ok. lunch was worth it. movies was stupid but worth it. i likely will indeed never catch up at work. i exercised only once and journaled twice. it’s ok. i am giving myself grace. I did book LA and we’re going to be all set. i will do my best and that’s all i get to do.

I let go of: pretty much all my email this week.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):?

  1. I was really bold. i continued to ask and continued to receive.
  2. I’m still mindful of the fact that i am completely off routine at this point and will have to consciously choose to go back.
  3. Nourishment isn’t going well but i am still focusing on fruit and veggies over other food.
  4. I am learning that I need unconditional love for myself, too.

What made me laugh this week: the movies. oh how silly it was.
What I tolerated this week: a lot of work.
My mood this week was:?full. i felt like my life is so full.
I forgive myself for: not getting more done. it will all get done eventually, ?i am sure of it.
What I love right now: my kind and generous husband. he is the best part of my life.

Here’s to a wonderful week eight!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 06

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: I organized and coordinated across both teams in Sydney, resulting in a lot of great conversations.
  • Two: I connected with people both on the plane there and on the plane back. lovely conversations.
  • Three: I went out every night even though I wanted to go out none. I chose to show up.

I celebrate: being back home with my boys. missed them so.
I am grateful for: having the weekend to rest. i appear to be quite jet lagged.
I nourished myself by: eating somewhat well, walking a lot, resting as much as possible.
Reflecting on my worries: I worried that david would be sad and in fact he was, but i was able to help resolve some of it remotely. i worried about not making the connections i hoped to and indeed i didn’t get to connect with one person i wanted to but i had three other surprise connections so that ended up okay i was effective and the trip was definitely worth it. i wasn’t sick. i didn’t exercise with the 7minute but i walked like crazy and i journaled, albeit a small amount. And nothing terrible happened!

I let go of: having my regular routine when there.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love): 

  1. I was really bold. i asked for something and got a pleasantly positive reply.
  2. I’m still mindful of my default behavior and my habits.
  3. Nourishment was harder during travel but i still focused on fresh and at lots of veggies.
  4. I am more and more convinced that life is about love. just love. unconditional love.

What made me laugh this week: i laughed a lot at work this week.
What I tolerated this week: late nights. a lot of socializing. time away from my boys.
My mood this week was: rushed. but also calm. present. grateful.
I forgive myself for: not connecting with the SYD folks more. or with the one person I meant to. For my mistakes. for falling of my routines.
What I love right now: my kind and generous husband. he is the best part of my life.

Here’s to a wonderful week seven!

Weekly Reflection 2017 – 05

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: I spent a wonderful 1-1 day with my son to pre-celebrate his special day.
  • Two: Got a lot of work done.
  • Three: I emailed all the friends I mentioned. I am getting there.

I celebrate: a wonderful day with my son.
I am grateful for: being able to drive on the freeway. I’ve come a long way.
I nourished myself by: exercising. resting. eating fresh, journaling.
Reflecting on my worries: I worried about getting things done. I’ve had to work hard, but I got a lot done and I still have time at the airport tomorrow to do more. I’ve been eating and exercising okay. Not 100% but ok. Sydney comes tomorrow but I have faith all will be ok.

I let go of: stressing all day friday, i was just present.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love): 

  1. I’m still continuing to try to be bold at work. I am reaching out to friends personally. I am taking action.
  2. I’m mindful of what we are all eating. How we’re spending out time. How much I’ve been working lately.
  3. I am still nourishing myself. I consistently prioritize the healthy and whole.
  4. I love my life and i am so grateful for every piece of it.

What made me laugh this week: david and i watched MIB. that made me laugh. nathaniel also made me laugh.
What I tolerated this week: a lot of work. driving in the dark and rain.
My mood this week was: busy and a bit stressed. but not terrible. also a bit sick 🙁
I forgive myself for: getting as much done as i could, but not all. being gone for David’s birthday. Doing the best I can.
What I love right now: the rich texture of my life. journaling. taking more photos. getting to go to Sydney.

Here’s to a wonderful week six!