Weekly Reflection 2018 – 02

How I got Stronger this week: I exercised every day this week and also went back to the gym at work and did three Body Pump classes even though I was feeling all sore after the first one. I woke up on Monday morning and it was pitch black, pouring rain, but I still did my short cardio, got dressed and drove in for my 7am class just to drive back home at 8am when it was done. I am so proud of myself. I created more boundaries with some of the volunteer work I do at the kids’ school this week. I also tried to show up for work but also for myself. I’ve been working hard on myself. But even at work, I am working on taking things less personally and panicking less in general. 

Top Goals Review:  ready for the meeting, went back to the gym and sent off david’s round one. woot!

I celebrate: our mini vacation

I am grateful for: a long weekend

Karen’s Points: I did well this week too. I got full points everyday and I’ve been making a concerted effort to keep up with everything. 

A Change I embraced:  I quit caffeine this month as well and that’s been challenging even with the tea since I usually drink black tea. I’ve been experimenting with several herbal teas, trying to find one that I like the most. 

I let go of:  working myself into a frenzy at work. I am trying to pace myself better.

Core Desired Feelings Check-in:

  • Fresh: I am exploring what it looks like when I drop my assumptions at work and at home. I have so many things churning in my head at all times and I am trying to pay attention to the noise so I can work on clearing it a bit. It starts with paying attention.
  • Magical: This week’s magical moment is beautiful Southern California. The sun, the ocean waves, and the palm trees. Makes me wonder why we ever left San Diego.
  • Lighter: I will say that the vacation helps me feel lighter too. Just taking a bit of time off. 
  • True: I’ve been speaking up at work and trying to make sure I am honest with my perspective.

Where I chose Joy: I didn’t want to take a vacation, i am always happier at home. Or so I think. It’s not that I am happier at home, it’s that I am happy enough at home and inertia is always strong with me. So I chose joy by taking my family on vacation. 

I showed up for: for Jake this week. 

A Mistake I made this week: This is not unique to this week but I made it this week so I am going to document. When I feel like I am disappointing someone or letting them down, it really makes me trigger. So then I go on and on yelling or being upset because this other person put me in a position where I have to let them down. There are two major things here: if i don’t want to do it then this is part of boundary building and I have to teach myself that i am choosing to let this person down and i can apologize but i don’t need to get all wound up. It’s not about them, it’s about me. And secondly, I need to learn that I am going to let people down and it’s part of life. Ideally I’d do it as little as possible and less to people I love but even then it will happen. I don’t need to make it worse by yelling I can apologize and leave it at that and learn to get comfortable with the feeling of discomfort that will bring. 

What I tolerated this week: a lot of non-work related meetings. i had clients and school meetings and it took away the little free time I had. 

My mood this week was: i felt energized in the beginning of the week after I went to the gym.

I forgive myself for: reading less this week, there wasn’t enough time. also for being difficult.

What I love right now: I the waves hitting the beach, my favorite nature sound.

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

Weekly Reflection 2018 – 01


How I got Stronger this week: I woke up every single day this week and exercised. I was quieter and more reserved. Or I tried to be. I went to bed early every night. I showed up even when I didn’t feel like it. I showed up for my friend, several times. 

Top Goals Review:  I started my food plan, finished reviewing david’s essays and did todo list for work. Matching still needs a bit more work. So does my calendar.

I celebrate: starting my exercise and food regimen. I am really proud of myself. especially for the cardio which is so hard for me.

I am grateful for: this being a light week. there was no traffic and i was able to work from home all week and it was just a lovely transition. 

Karen’s Points: I did well this week so far. I’m keeping track on a spreadsheet and journaling daily about my thoughts. It’s not easy. I don’t love the exercising and I do want to quit it all every day, but I promised myself I’d give it a try so I am not quitting until that’s over.

A Change I embraced:  Waking up and exercising first thing. Adding cardio. These are big changes for me. Oh and I guess the Whole30 counts, too 🙂

I let go of:  sugar and caffeine this week. it was really really really hard. 

Core Desired Feelings Check-in:

  • Fresh: Hmm fresh new way of looking at food this week.
  • Magical: This week’s magical moment is when I snuggle up with Nathaniel in bed in the dark and we laugh and hug. I love it so.
  • Lighter: I’ve been taking it easier at work so far. Doing things but trying not to feel panic around them and just taking it all one step at a time.
  • True: One way I’ve stayed true to myself this week has been going to bed really early. I’ve gone to bed between 7-9 all week and it’s been wonderful to rest.

Where I chose Joy: Hmmm….I think I’ve had a lot of joy taking my kids back and forth to the school bus this week. I know that sounds odd, but I love those moments together. 

I showed up for: for David this week. He lost his backpack so I ended up having to drive all the way to the school but it was worth it. (He found it!)

A Mistake I made this week: I didn’t respond the way I would have liked on Friday when he lost yet another item.

What I tolerated this week: Feeling hungry and tired all week. 

My mood this week was: meh. but not bad. just sort of slow.

I forgive myself for: not getting as much done. taking it slow.

What I love right now: I love the slow start to this year. I love that I am trying to be more level-headed. I hope I can continue some of this attitude and perspective.

Weekly Reflection is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.